Kiss Me Lorena is the first Italian film downloadable from the Internet, for FREE.

Yes, you did understand correctly: you can enjoy this little jewel of comedy and demential humour comfortably sitting in you own homes and without spending a penny!

Nobody will try to accuse you of Internet Piracy and that is simply because we authorize you to download the film and do whatever you like with it. Of course, within certain limits… but still!

In the Download section you will be able to download the movie choosing the format that you most like. So you, as John Landis, will be able to enjoy it and shout: “Kiss Me Lorena? Amazing!”.

Enjoy the show.
i Licaoni.


Download Kiss Me Lorena

Finally, the entire movie. You can download it using BitTorrent, eMule or watch it on line. There are also extra videos, backstages - for PC or Mac/iPod - and comic sketches pulled apart from the rest of the movie.

All you need is: the latest X-Vid codec for "avi" files, Quicktime + iTunes for "m4v" files, and something to download Torrent files (we suggest Azureus).

i Licaoni hope you'll enjoy the movie and wish you'll Support KML. Thank you.

Kiss me Lorena - the Movie
Resolution: 700 x 326
Codec: XviD
Size: 623 MB
Comic Sketches
Watch the comedy scenes
pulled apart
from the rest of the movie
Cast and Crew
Cast and Crew
Backstage - Drama
Backstage Drama
Backstage - Comedy
Backstage Comedy
Backstage - Musical
Backstage Musical
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