Kiss Me Lorena is the first Italian film downloadable from the Internet, for FREE.

Yes, you did understand correctly: you can enjoy this little jewel of comedy and demential humour comfortably sitting in you own homes and without spending a penny!

Nobody will try to accuse you of Internet Piracy and that is simply because we authorize you to download the film and do whatever you like with it. Of course, within certain limits… but still!

In the Download section you will be able to download the movie choosing the format that you most like. So you, as John Landis, will be able to enjoy it and shout: “Kiss Me Lorena? Amazing!”.

Enjoy the show.
i Licaoni.

Who are i Licaoni?

A brief Hagiography

Who is behind this mad operation that goes by the name of Kiss Me Lorena?
I Licaoni, a group of extravagant Italian youngsters with little talent, but high ambitions.

The “i Licaoni” group has its birth in Leghorn, Italy and dates back to the far 1999. Two are the routes that they decide to attempt : Theatre and Cinema.

After the first few theatre shows and short films, the team puts its effort in the making of a first independent feature, know as Mandorle (2000). (transl. Almonds)
At the end of the project, two of the collaborators decide to suicide. Nevertheless, i Licaoni don’t pay any attention to the event and move on their next production: N.A.N.O. (2002) (transl. Dwarf), their second feature film, which also accomplishes the participation as a special guest star of the Italian comedian Paolo Migone.

Though, through this experience, the authors realize that making short films is certainly much less hassle.

Consequences of this thought are the shorts, Santre (2003), in collaboration with Armunia – Festival Costa degli Etruschi), finalist at the 4th Genova Film Festival, and Last Blood (2003), first raid of the team into the field horror-fantasy genre.
Standing out as an uncomfortable short film, Last Blood will provide the directors with six months of detention and a big migrane. Although also delivering big satisfactions, being warmly welcomed and recognized by unnumbered festivals around the globe.

Is then this success that propels their ambitions far high in the sky?
Yes: i Licaoni decide to compete for the crown of Miss Universe 2004. They loose.
Their morals gets high again when they manage to realize their third feature film, Kiss me Lorena, directed by Alessandro Izzo and Guglielmo Favilla, and written by them together with Francesca Detti.
The movie somehow belongs to the Comedy genre and is produce by the Cultural Association “I Licaoni” in partnership with Overlook Production and the participation of Armunia – Festival Costa degli Etruschi.
A curiosity: “Lorena” is a code-word for i Licaoni and is generally used to indicate when they have their period.

Summer 2005: while the post-production of KML is about to terminate, the group decides to get back to its first passion, the Theatre.

Then, a daring plan gets made into action, i Licaoni Fat Show, a series of comedy shows with a mix of cinematic and theatrical performance produced together with the Gruppo Scenico Ars Nova of Livorno and presented every month in one of the theatre spaces of the town.
The "Fat Show" is currently a fixed appointment in the artistic panorama of Livorno.
The show is inspired, without any doubt, to the famous Saturday Night Live of the ’70s, both for the structure of the performances and the type of provocative and anarchic comedy content, proposed by chief artistes of the weight of B. Murray and J. Belushi. Pity, they are both dead. I Licaoni would have loved to have them involved in the projects. (ndr. It’s a joke. I Licaoni perfectly know that Benny Murrayis still alive and well).

At the moment i Licaoni are touring around with their new project, a new theatrical piece entitled, Q.B. – Quanto Basta (transl. equivalent of A.T.T. – Adjust To Taste), while looking for their twin soul.

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