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Enjoy the show.
i Licaoni.

Scene n. 14: Sculpture

January 19, 2007

New episode, new confrontation. This time is between Liz and Tony. It was very clear since the beginning that between them there is a bit of friction, highlighted by Tony’s behaviour. Their love affair, even though it ended years before, has obviously left some trails. In the-film-inside-the-film, Dave, who also had a short affair with Liz, shows off histrionic traits interpreting an eager sculptor who is trying to fix a very particular “defect”.

Now, a few words about next week... It has been strongly requested by the audience and, as everybody knows, i Licaoni don’t like to disappoint their fans...therefore, next week we will be presenting a parody of the genre that is most loved by internet users: Kiss me Lorena will take a chance through the mazes of Porn. Stay with us…

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